Diane’s Dresses is located in Meade, Kansas, Southwest Kansas near Dodge City, KS, near  Liberal, KS, near  Pratt, KS, near Fowler, KS, near Plains, KS, near Ashland, KS, near Sublette, KS, near Garden City, KS, near Beaver, Oklahoma, near Bucklin, KS, near Greensburg, KS.


     Like so many other people who sew, Diane learned the basics from her Grandma and her Mom. She started making doll clothes on a treadle machine.

     She loves to be creative and turn a piece of fabric into something that fits well, is well-made, and looks nice on the wearer. Custom made clothing usually fits better than purchased clothing with alterations. It doesn’t always save money, but it is made to fulfill all the wishes of the wearer.

     The bride, or girl going to prom or First Communion, or the parents taking their baby to be Baptized can say, “This is exactly what I wanted,” instead of wishing the garment was a little different here or there.

     The beautiful, beaming bride can have a miniature bride just like her, a keepsake pillow customized from the same fabrics and trims, or other specialty items unavailable from the bridal shop.  Not just ‘blown together’ as Diane always says about purchased clothing that falls apart the first time it’s washed, with frayed seams and dangling buttons; but sewn by hand with love and prayer.


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