About Diane


     Mama made a lot of my clothes when I was growing up. Both of my Grandmas sewed, one for neighbors and friends as a way to earn money, and the other one collected donated fabrics and made colorful clothing for children in foreign missions. They inspired me. The first item of clothing I made was entered in a county fair when I spent a few days visiting cousins. While they prepared their 4-H projects, I made a wearable blouse. Of course, it wasn't competitive in open class judging, but I was proud of my accomplishment.

     The ability to sew has been a huge asset as my husband and I have raised our ten children. Now we have Thirty grandchildren to sew for! Hawaiian shirts for all of them are now completed! Their granddad was a lot of help. He has the 'artist's eye' for style and fit, and is very helpful and supportive. His first sewing project was numerous rows of stitching back and forth across the foot of a baby's pajama because her toes were sticking out of a hole. He has progressed in his skills also, but not quite as much as me!

     Not only my daughters, but also both daughter-in-laws, asked me to make their dresses. That was a special privilege. It's fun and challenging to be able to make a dress which is a combination of several pictures they find. My instructions to find a pattern have fallen on deaf ears. They wanted 'buffet-style' dresses; dresses with a skirt like this, a back like this, sleeves like this, and etc. It makes me cry to see their happiness in their 'perfect' dresses.

     I have always been a seamstress and a nurse, with motherhood and nursing being the most time-consuming roles. Life is short, and I'm working hard to reverse those roles. I am going to have fun doing what I love most; being the wife, mother, grandma, and seamstress! I appreciate the time you have spent visiting my web site, which is  my Mother's Day gift from my children! (However, it couldn't exist without the technical know-how of one of my sons) Together we can alter, design, and make the clothing and home decorating items of your dreams.

     With the help of God, we will work together so you can be a satisfied customer, and I can be a happy seamstress.

About Diane